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Top 5 mistakes couples make when ordering invitations.

October 14, 2018


Planning a wedding is NO JOKE and there are a lot of small details to remember that could make even the most organized couple go crazy.  One of those little details that often get overlooked is wedding stationery. A lot of couples push that item aside until the last minute because, well frankly, choosing paper isn’t as fun as cake tasting, or trying on beautiful gowns. Here’s a list of the five most common mistakes we see couples make.


5.  Sending your invitations out too early.


Lately we’ve been getting couples coming to us in a panic 4-6 months before their wedding saying they need (or want) to mail their invitations NOW!!  You read that right.  Four to six MONTHS prior to their Big Day! 


Take a deep breath.


Most wedding professionals will recommend that you send your invitations out 6-8 weeks before if you are having a local wedding or 10-12 weeks if its a destination wedding.  Sending your invitations out too early just increases your chances that your guests will misplace your invite before they need to respond.


4.  Not putting enough postage on your envelopes.


Can you imagine spending all that time, energy and money picking out the perfect invitations to have them all returned to you because you didn’t put enough postage on them?  We ALWAYS recommend that you take one of your fully completed invitation suites to the post office and have them weigh and measure it BEFORE you purchase any postage. This will ensure that you’ve been given an accurate quote and your guests will actually receive those beautiful invitations!


For more information on buying postage for your invitations, click here.


3.  Ordering too many invitations.


One of the first things you should do when planning your wedding, is finalize your guest list and then create your mailing list.  Your mailing list will account for each household you need to send an invitation to. Once this is finalized, we recommend that you add 10% more to your invitation count.  This overage will allow for any last minute add ons, errors in address and keepsakes.


2.  Ordering too few invitations.


Same as above, your mailing list is crucial in your planning.  However, this mistake could cost you big money. Invitation printers and paper suppliers have order minimum requirements that need to be met when you order.  If you need 10-15 more invitations later, you’ll be paying minimum and possibly rush order fees on top of what you already paid.


1.  Ordering invitations from discount sites.


We hate to sound cliché here, but you really do get what you pay for. We’ve had several brides contact us recently for help because the invites they thought they were ordering online looked nothing like what they actually received.  Even worse, in a few instances their invitations were supposed to arrive weeks ago but their contact has gone MIA.


Unfortunately there are a lot of DIY "graphic designers" out there offering wedding invitations at really cheap prices. Be aware that a lot of these people are doing this as a hobby and printing your precious invitations from their home printer.  If you want professional quality invitations, PLEASE make sure you’re ordering from a reputable, professional designer who offers a detailed contract with timelines and all the specifics of your order.


We'd love to meet with you for a complimentary design consultation.  To schedule an appointment, click here.

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